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Canine Fitness Training: Hiking, Running, Walking, Agility, and More!
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Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventures for Dogs

Pant & Wag's (PAW) Fitness Adventures help your canine family member have fun, lose weight, alleviate boredom, and maintain health and happiness.

To put it simply, we are Washington DC's first and only Canine Fitness Trainers!

Our Canine Fitness Adventures include exciting activities such as hiking your dog through Rock Creek Park, biking across the National Arboretum, running with your dog around Teddy Roosevelt Island, off-leash time in an enclosed dog park, 'pawlates' exercises using a balance ball, and much more!

Awesome Adventures for Awesome Dogs

Your dog is awesome. So why limit him to boring dog walkers who take your him on the same uninteresting walk around the same blocks day after day? Why restrict your dog to unstructured dog day care where he will spend most of his time inside, on hard floors, and over crowded with dozens and dozens of strange dogs?

Pant & Wag will take your furry family member out into nature, to the most dog-pleasing destinations in the DC metro area and deliver a safe and fun Doggy Fitness Adventure. And unlike 'normal' dog walkers or dog daycare, you'll be able to monitor your dog's activities through updated reports, pictures, and videos.

Professional Canine Fitness Trainers

PAW Fitness Adventures are led by professional canine fitness trainers, qualified in 'purely positive' dog training, canine CPR, and canine first-aid. With our exercise equipment and experience we will provide a variety of tailored workouts for your pooch, each customized to meet his or her specific needs and in the safest and most beneficial way possible.

Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventures are for dogs who deserve the best!

Next Steps

Pant & Wag Fitness Adventures aren't for every dog. Read through this website to learn more about our canine fitness training and to see if your dog qualifies.

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“...exceptionally alluring to most pooches, after all, they get to smell brand new smells, experience new places, move their bodies, ground themselves out in nature and interact with other dogs. This is the ultimate win-win, in my opinion”- Dr. Karen Becker, DVM

“huge time saver for us and fun for our dog!” - Emma's Mom, Georgetown
“a really great alternative to dog daycare” - Sunshine's Mom, Georgetown
“high-end dog walkers”
- Biscuit's Dad, Woodley Park

Actual Exercise for Your Dog

Most dogs need a minimum of 60 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per day, and many need at least double that amount. Leisurely walks around the neighborhood rarely accomplish this necessity. DC Dog walkers provide a valuable service, but let's be honest about what it actually is - a bathroom break. Our goal at PAW is to actually exercise your dog (and bathroom breaks are also included!)

Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventures use cross-training methods of exercise, customized to your dog's breed, age, health, and goals. Your dog's snout size, chest size, gait, weight, and temperament will all be factored into his personalized canine fitness training workout plan.

Small Groups or Private Training

Group sizes are small - just five dogs for every one trainer, and dogs are matched with other dogs of similar size, athleticism, and temperament. Our goal is to keep your furry friend physically and mentally challenged so he can achieve the optimal levels of health and happiness. Private canine fitness training provides the ultimate in customization and may be the perfect choice for dogs who might not fit into a group due to medical or behavioral issues, or just need a lot of one-on-one attention.

There is just no comparison between a Pant & Wag Canine Fitness Adventure and dog day care or dog walkers in Georgetown, Washington DC. Start the process of having a healthier and happier dog by signing up for a consultation today.

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