Dog Running for Canine Fitness

While walking your dog provides important social and biological functions, it can not match the positive aspects of running for physical activity.

Pant & Wag's fun and spirited run with your dog through Rock Creek Park or many of our other dog-centric locations in Washington, DC, will help your dog build muscle, burn energy, and increase stamina. Our professional dog runners always ‘keep one eye on the dog’ and will interval the pace between speed walking, jogging, and sprinting along with many planned water breaks during the summer months to avoid over-exertion.

A weighted doggy back-pack may be used to intensify the work-out and to give your dog a sense of purpose. For an even more advanced exercise jogging is often combined with hiking to give the dog a truly intense and satisfying workout.

While doggy daycare and dog walkers use a 'cookie-cutter' approach and treat all dogs the same, Pant & Wag exercise programs are developed exclusively for your dog to help keep fido fit.

Dog running is available on any of Pant & Wag's Fitness Adventure workout plans. Sign-up for a consultation today to get your dog exercising in an exuberant and highly beneficial aerobic activity.

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