Fun-Time Sleepovers

Pant & Wag's boarding service came as the result of several clients who commented they couldn't find appropriate boarding for their dogs.

A Pant & Wag Fun-Time Sleep over is not traditional boarding as there is no crate or kennel or a bunch of strange dogs. Rather, your dog will just hang out at our house with me, Noodles the greyhound, my humans (Sean and his wife, Yuko) and my feline friends (Emmitt and Ophelia) as a member of our family.

Your dog will get his normal Pant & Wag Fitness Adventure (if scheduled for that particular day), in addition to 3 walks (morning, late afternoon, and before bedtime). The rules of your house will become the rules of our house, so your dog will be comfortable and no new bad habits will occur.

The cost is $65 per night (plus an additional $15 for a second dog for two-dog households). Food is $4 per day, but we highly recommend supplying your dog’s own food (there is no cost for supplying your own food). Other extra’s may have additional fees. Pick-up and drop-off is included if it is part of his Fitness Adventure schedule, other wise it is $10.

Space is extremely limited to just one client per night, so please try to reserve your space as early as possible.

To reserve, use our contact form.

Please note: This service is only available to select Pant & Wag customers.

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