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How can we help you?

At Pant & Wag, dogs as well as humans will be treated fairly and with respect—the way customers of any business should be treated. If there are ever any problems, questions, or anything else you want to tell us, please contact us whenever you like.

Pant & Wag has upfront pricing and provides the best option for most dogs when compared to dog daycare and dog walkers in Washington, DC (click here for a full comparison). We offer fair and easy to understand cancellation policies, and the ultimate convenience in free pick-up and drop-off for homes in many neighborhoods within Washington, DC.


The Pant & Wag Process:

  1. The first step in using PAW for a healthier and happier dog is to sign up for a consultation. During this consultation we'll review your dogs history, Pant & Wag services, as well as optional presentations on dog nutrition and diets, the dangers of bloat, and the origin of dogs.
  2. After the consultation you'll receive a review which will contain much the information we covered during consultation (so don't worry about taking notes!) as well as our recommendation for what Fitness Adventure program your dog needs.
  3. Once a fitness plan is decided we'll direct you to complete and return the proper forms and information on how to pay. Please note, payment must be received before the first scheduled workout. We'll also need a time to pick up your keys (if not received during the consultation).
  4. Once the workouts begin we'll pick up your dog on the scheduled workout days and provide him a Fitness Adventure he will love! We'll return the dog, usually before you get home from work and at the end of the day you'll receive a report detailing his activities during the adventure. We'll even send you occasional pictures and videos of your dog in action!

Start the process of having a healthier and happier dog by signing up for a Pant & Wag consultation today.


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