About Pant & Wag

washington dc dog walker: georgetownWhat We Do

We take dogs to exciting destinations and exercise them.

Why We Do It

Dogs need exercise and love exploring new locations.

A Far More Wordy Response

Pant & Wag (PAW) was born out of the simple realization that dogs are not getting enough exercise. This lack of true aerobic fitness is a leading cause of the canine obesity epidemic. It is estimated between 40-50% of all dogs in the US are overweight. Fat dogs are more at risk in surgery, more prone to injury, and have more stress on heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and joints. Excess weight can worsen osteoarthritis and dysplasia, cause respiratory problems, lead to diabetes mellitis and cancer, and generally lessen the quality of life for your best friend.

Dogs at a healthy weight also benefit tremendously from Pant & Wag Fitness Adventures. By including a customized and fun exercise plan in your dog's life, you can help keep him healthy, happy, and well balanced while freeing up a little bit of time for your own life.

All dogs need exercise. The amount and type of exercise needed varies for each dog, that is why it is so important to develop a custom workout plan just for your unique friend. While dog daycare, dog runners, and dog walkers use a 'cookie-cutter' approach and treat all dogs the same, Pant & Wag exercise programs are developed exclusively for your dog. Our program goes far beyond just running and walking; our canine fitness training utilizes a true cross-training approach to maximize your dog's fitness level and keep him mentally stimulated.

Pant & Wag Fitness Adventures have been featured in national and local DC media including The Washington Post (dog running), the Washingtonian Magazine (dog weight loss), ABC 7 News, and more.

Boring dog walkers and unstructured doggy daycare can't compete with our exciting excursions which allow us to constantly keep your furry friend physically and mentally challenged so he can achieve the optimal levels of health and happiness. To learn more about how Pant & Wag can improve your dog's health and happiness through our fitness adventures, contact us about scheduling a consultation today.

Mission & Qualifications

The mission of Pant & Wag (PAW) is to help dogs achieve their optimal levels of health and happiness through Canine Fitness Training.

We achieve this goal through our Fitness Adventures which feature constantly changing exercises custom designed for your dog, while delivering to you a supreme level of convenience and customer service. After all, your dog should enhance your life not dominate your time.

Pant & Wag is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Washington, DC. We are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and qualified in Dog CPR, insured, and certified as Pant & Wag as Canine Fitness Trainers. Pant & Wag is the first and only Canine Fitness company in Washington DC.

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