Fitness Adventures for Dogs

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Pant & Wag's primary service is our group Fitness Adventures for dogs. This page will describe the Fitness Adventure process, options, prices, and next steps when you are ready to sign-up.

What is a Pant & Wag Fitness Adventure?

Fitness Adventures are exercise-based excursions and adventures customized for your unique dog which allow him to have fun by doing what he was born to do.

Daily Process:

  • We pick your dog up at your home
  • We take him/her to a very dog-centric destination
  • A professional Canine Fitness Trainer will provide your dog with a Fitness Adventure that your dog will love
  • We clean your dogs paws/body with a bath wipe
  • We return your dog to your home and give you a full report of your dog's activities including occasional pictures and videos. Dogs within our normal service area can expect to be out of the house for about two hours.

It's convenient for you and fun and healthy for your dog!


By the Month:
lowest daily prices, your spot
in the group with be reserved

Five Days per Week:
$40 per Fitness Adventure per dog

Three - Four Days per Week:
$50 per Fitness Adventure per dog

One - Two Days per Week:
$54 per Fitness Adventure per dog


On Demand:
no monthly minimum, space
may not be available

$60 per Fitness Adventure per dog


  • Multi-Dog Household: Take 10% off of the total cost of any program if more than one dog will be picked up from the same household at the same time (dogs must be in the same group).
  • Pay in Advance: Take 5% off the total cost if you pay for three months upfront.

Additional Fees:

  • Big Building Fee: Certain buildings require extra time for us to get in and out of. There is a $5.00-$10.00/day additional fee for these 'big buildings.' These buildings usually have an elevator, but sometimes the fee may also apply to non-elevatored buildings. Several factors are used to determine whether this fee will be accessed, so please contact us for more information. This fee is waived if more than two dogs are being picked up from the same building at the same time.
  • There may be an additional pick-up/drop off fee if you live outside our normal service area. Please contact us with your address (or cross streets) for more information.

All payments are due in advance of the first scheduled workout.

Next Steps: Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation (or join the wait-list)

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